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Unique technical car posters,
made by an enthusiast for fellow enthusiasts worldwide.
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Ford Mustang Mach 1

About UniqueCarPosters

I started creating these posters for fellow car enthusiasts in 2012, beginning with Australian cars like the Ford Falcon, Holden Monaro and Commodore, and Chrysler Valiant.  Slaes of my work was encouraging and so I started expanding my range and improving my quality of work, and began creating posters for other car brands sold in Australia.

It started with selling through eBay only but I opened my website after a while so I can offer my work to enthusiasts for a cheaper price as I don't have to cover eBay's fees on the sale price and postage price.

When I first started these posters, I never thought to create posters for worldwide models and sell them to enthusiasts overseas as the shipping costs are a barrier, but I found that no one else was making these kinds of posters and if someone really wanted it they would see past the shipping cost.  Now I sell my posters to enthusiasts all around the world and am constantly expanding my range.

I call these posters "model charts" as they are technical in nature, involving a lot of research work to create each one.

These days I sell them to every corner of the planet and they are highly appreciated by the enthusiasts, especially the fans of the more obscure models which I like to specialise in.

Although a hobby of mine, I take my work seriously and have great pride in these posters.  If you have any ideas for future model chart posters I should add to my range, I'd love to hear from you.  I need to know there is interest out there!